Dairy Co-Operative Porlammin Osuusmeijeri Incorporates Its Cheese Business into the Subsidiary Porlammin Meijeri Oy

The Porlammin Osuusmeijeri dairy co-operative has decided to separate its cheese-making and marketing completely to its subsidiary company, Porlammin Meijeri Oy. The subsidiary Porlammin Meijeri Oy starts operating on 30 June 2016, when the cheese business is transferred to the company. The aim of the separation is to better meet the market challenges and improve the conditions for providing and developing cheese products and services.

The Porlammin Osuusmeijeri co-operative owns the complete share capital of Porlammin Meijeri Oy. Cheese business will remain a fundamental part of the Porlammin Osuusmeijeri group’s operations. After the reorganisation, the group’s cheese business will be operated under the name “Porlammin Meijeri Oy”, but products or trademarks will not be changed.

At the moment, the Porlammin Osuusmeijeri co-operative owns 100% of the stock of Porlammin Meijeri Oy, founded by the co-operative, but in the future the incorporation will give its partners a chance to buy stock in the new limited company. The plan is to increase the dairy’s cheese business substantially in the future, and having several owners would allow for greater resources for developing the operation.

The CEO of the Porlammin Osuusmeijeri co-operative, Kari Ollikainen, will also act as the CEO of Porlammin Meijeri Oy.

The new company Porlammin Meijeri Oy will also continue Porlammin Osuusmeijeri’s logistics and rental operations.

For more information, please contact

CEO Kari Ollikainen

telephone                                               +358 500 354083

e-mail                                                      kari.ollikainen@porlammin.fi

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The Porlammi dairy is an independent company owned by its milk producers; today, it is the only cheese factory still in operation in Southern Finland. As a small, independent cheese factory, we invest, not only in good taste, but in our customers. Cheese from the Porlammi cheese factory are manufactured using modern technology but with almost hundred years of experience and good taste. Therefore we are constantly investing in product development to offer restaurants and cheese counters flavors they will remember forever.  

We are known for delivery accuracy and premium quality. Being a small cheese factory we can be flexible. We manufacture both our own products as well as products tailored to the needs of our customers. We are best-known amongst cheese-lovers for our strong and rich black label Emmental. Like many of our products, the black label Emmental is available in pieces, slices, as grated cheese or as processed cheese to suit the taste and wishes of the customer.

We have the cheese – we welcome you to explore the cheeses of Porlammi.

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